Stand up Paddle Boarding

You may have a number of different reasons for taking up the SUP paddle board sport, most people do. In some cases you might have decided to explore flat water areas as you cannot do with a basic surf board. Then again you might simply be doing this to keep yourself in shape. No matter what, you will more than likely master the basics quickly, and when that happens you will want to move on to the more advanced aspects of the sport.

There are a few things you will need to remember when you are out on your SUP paddle board. First of all you should start with the slower moving waves. Surfers can take on the faster waves, but you need to remember that a paddle board is larger and less likely to ride those waves properly. Remember that during windy times the quality of the waves will decrease and it will become noticeably harder for you to find waves to ride.

Something to note is that SUP paddle board surfing will require you to get 'out back' if you know what we mean. In other words you need to move behind the waves and position yourself in an area where you can catch the waves just as they form. Understand that when you do this there are likely to be several other surfers doing the same thing, and you will want to stay clear of them as much as possible, lest you actually interfere with their activities.

If you find that it is difficult to get through the waves, as you probably will, then it would be a good idea to walk your board out through chest high water until you reach a point where you can mount. Beginners will definitely find it hard to move through those waves and one of the most common beginner complaints is that they are constantly thrown off their board. Using this technique with your paddle board you can circumvent this problem entirely which will come as a relief to many first time paddle board users.

The next step of course is finding your wave and you will need to choose wisely. Remember that you need to choose your wave and catch it before it actually breaks. In addition to that you must not catch it too early as it will fail to pick you up in that case. So, choose your wave, then paddle towards or away from the peak in order to get the right position. Make sure that once you catch the wave you are traveling at a matching speed so that you do not simply lose it. So long as you do everything right, stand up paddle boarding can be quite the adventure!


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