The Key To A Good Marine Twin Disc Transmission Is Selecting The Right Re-Manufacturer

Rebuilt twin disc transmissions can vary in quality and lifespan. Selecting the right re-manufacturer will help you get the most for your money when you buy a rebuilt transmission because you'll know they followed a set standard of procedures to ensure quality. This article will help you with a few tips in selecting that specialist.

Up To Date Methods

The techniques and materials that go into rebuilt twin disc transmissions change constantly as the re-manufacturer strives for more precise and efficient drive parts. Make sure your transmission specialist is up to date on the latest techniques like oil immersion bearing heating technology. They should also be up to date on all factory technical updates that apply to your rebuilt transmission.

Not All Rebuilt Transmissions Are Alike

Rebuilt twin disc transmissions can be very different from each other. Each brand has unique features and designs that sets it apart from the others. It's difficult for anyone to be a specialist on all brands so you'll want to find a dealer that specializes in the brand you prefer. Don't be afraid to ask the dealer what brands they work with, what the level of expertise is, how much training the specialist has received, and if the specialist has a designated certification from the factory.

Regardless of the brand, price or quality you can't wait forever for your rebuilt transmission to be delivered. In a commercial business, time is money and if your equipment is not working for you, you're losing money. Check with the re-manufacturer concerning delivery times. Ask about their supply of inventory for drive parts, you'll want a dealer that can deliver same day or next day shipping to reduce your down time.

Delivery Is Just The Beginning

Customer service should be a big consideration when buying rebuilt twin disc transmissions. You'll want to work with a specialist that knows your products and answers questions correctly and quickly, helping to identify your needs prior to and during the purchase process. Once the sale is complete, after-sale customer service is just as important. You'll want to make sure technical support is readily available for help during the installation if needed.

Has The Product Been Thoroughly Tested?

You expect that when you buy rebuilt twin disc transmissions they will be tested, but how the testing is conducted is important. Most re-manufacturers will test the parts, but some will do so only in the shop. When you install a rebuilt transmission, it operates under real time stress and experiences of normal pressure and this use can cause a failure if the parts were not tested properly. This can be prevented if the specialists have access to computer controlled and monitored work cycles. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the warranty, what is covered and what is not, under what conditions, time limits, etc.

Finding the right rebuilt transmission specialist is more than just getting the right part. Having the latest technologies combined with years of experience will help you get what you expect and need.


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