Meet Cabo Dolphins For A Splashing Good Time

If you're planning to visit Cabo San Lucas, you'll find plenty of activities come to mind. None of those activities can come close to the amazing adventure you'll have meeting local dolphins up close and personal. These animals are hands down the most playful, social, intelligent, and friendly marine creatures in the world. Thought to be the most highly evolved creatures living in the ocean, they are one of Earth's greatest sea treasures.

If you'd like to have an up close encounter with real tropical water dolphins, it's easy when visiting this beautiful vacation destination. With several types of encounters available, you are sure to find the experience that will send you home with incredible memories. Whether you're 5 or 105, you can have a dream encounter in paradise.

Meet New Friends At A Sanctuary

If you're ready for your first experience with dolphins, the best place to begin is meeting them at a sanctuary. During a local sanctuary visit, you will meet a pod of trained Pacific bottlenose ones that love and live to meet and interact with people.

This experience usually begins with a short educational presentation where you'll learn about the habits, behavior, and physiology of Cabo dolphins. Then you'll head to the pool to pet, admire, and maybe even get a kiss from these friendly sea creatures. You'll see that these mammals enjoy meeting you just as much as you enjoy meeting them. They live in a happy home where they are well cared for and benefit from excellent care.

Get In The Pool

If you really want a unique experience, you can even get in the pool with them at one of the local sanctuaries. In one of the custom designed sanctuary pools, you can jump in the water after a short training session to enjoy the exhilaration and excitement of actually swimming with Cabo dolphins.

You will interact with them as they play, swim, jump, and dance for you. These amazing sea creatures may even give you a hug and a kiss or offer you a dorsal pull ride around the pool. You'll have an amazing time meeting and swimming with your new marine friends.

Be A Trainer For A Day

If you're ready for the ultimate adventure, you can become a trainer for a day at one of the local sanctuaries. Who knows? You might have so much fun you decide to make a career change. In local trainer for a day programs, you get as close to being a real trainer as you can without a degree in marine biology. You'll train, feed, care for, swim with, and even participate in public performances during your day. The sanctuary will even provide you with a uniform and you'll receive a diploma, photographs, and a DVD of this incredible experience.


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